About Us

Hello ,  Hope you were well and safe from the Covid-19.

Now , the subject refers to us. Means how we are , what we are etc. questions among you. We are a popular website existing among social media. Our Name of Website is ‘https://ydiwali.com/’. Our site publishes articles on the popular festival which is an ‘Festival of lights..known as Diwali’.

On our website , you get articles of Diwali with their celebration , decoration , wishes , means , histories , religious and cultural form and beliefs of people among the India and World. In these articles , we also focus on the Indian festival and their significance in the people’s hearts and minds.

We publish articles after the research and normal means of people. These articles were rhymed in parts by our researches and then combined with proper format and then published by reputable writers.On these articles , we tried to help and solve the problems /doubt of people regarding Diwali ..their celebration and wishes sharing.

We work for the people’s faith and happiness. The Goal of our website not only to exist among the popular list but to know the world about India’s prosperity and enrichment. The Motto of our website to know the people more about Diwali and their significance. Our website doesn’t promote any violence and illegal practices among people. Our website wants to bring happiness , spirit and love among the world.With our website , we connect the people with their family , friends and dear ones.

The Summary about us is that ‘We are working for the people’s knowledge and happiness’. Our website is about to help the people as on these days they are scrolling for the Diwali related terms such as wishes  (Mostly), celebration etc. Our website writing is not a combination of words but a special combination of emotions and love.

Wishing you and your family very Happy Diwali and wonderful New Year , May god bless you!!!